Why is STEM so Important?


Even though STEM surrounds us every day of our lives, so many people still don’t know what the acronym stands for or how big of a role it plays in our lives.

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

A recent study by Ranstad shows that over half of all people surveyed (62%) did not know what STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – stood for. How unfortunate! As Ranstad argues, no country on this earth would look the same without those four fields of study. From important medical advancements such as vaccinations and organ transplants to architectural developments such as New York’s skyscrapers or the pyramids of Egypt, we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are if we didn’t have STEM.

STEM also employs tens of thousands of people in its countless fields. Anything from nursing to engineering to fashion design all fall under the umbrella of STEM, and these fields are only growing with each passing year. With computer science and STEM education careers seeing a lot of growth in the coming years, there will always be opportunities for people to work in STEM!

There are countless ways to get started in a STEM career. Several states have trade and technical schools, and there are plenty of online STEM programs to help educate students and adults. In addition, internships, apprenticeships, night education and part-time jobs are all options for people looking to enter a STEM field.

If you have an interest in STEM or want to learn more about the countless ways STEM makes our lives easier, you can check out some of the many STEM careers out there in our STEM career list – the perfect place to get started!

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