How & why to encourage young girls to pursue STEM


Guest Post by Iftikhar Khan of Seed2STEM

A little over a year ago, Ashley wrote a great post sharing five excellent STEM programs for girls.  Before sharing those five resources, some sad facts were shared about how low the participation rate of women is in science.  In fact, engineering participation is even worse, with less than 15% of engineers being made up of women.

This isn’t a gender fairness issue.  It is an economic and societal issue.  If women aren’t participating in the processes & forums used to create products and build things, isn’t the end product going to be worse off?

Fortunately, if you view the problem through the correct lens, you’ll realize the incredible opportunity in front of our girls.  The smartest companies realize the purchasing power of women, and the need for female researchers, engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, and software developers, to help address that market segment.

So what can you do about it?

How can you help your daughter be part of the solution?

Read the below infographic with seven actions you should do starting today to help your young daughter consider & pursue a STEM-related career.

If you find the infographic valuable, please do share with your friends and family on the social platforms.  As a society, we’ve got a long way to go to level the playing field.  The more awareness and action each of us take, the more progress our girls will make! Career In STEM wants women to be part of the solution.

This infographic is a summary of a 6000-word blog post I wrote on this subject of encouraging girls in STEM.  If you’d like to learn more about this important subject, please read the post.  At the bottom, I include a bonus tip and a link to 27 Exceptional STEM Resources, Toys & Books for Girls.

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