How to Find and Apply for STEM Scholarships

STEM Scholarships can be a crucial step towards planning a dream career. They can prevent a lot of students from getting burdened by debts. Therefore, it is important to adopt a systematic and persistent approach when seeking and applying for  STEM Scholarships. Here are some different approaches that will help prevent the trouble: 

  • Find a well-known scholarship database: For your ease, we have prepared a one-stop scholarship listing for you. You can find millions of STEM scholarship opportunities here at the click of a button. The opportunities listed in these databases support all kind of scholarship types, from full tuition to a stipend. From women, to minorities all are encouraged to apply provided students meet the eligibility requirements.


  • Read and scan for best matches: Narrowing down your choices can be daunting. Spending considerable time on this step save considerable time. Have your own criteria list ready to scan the scholarships well. For instance, you may want to apply only for full tuition covered scholarships, or those exclusively for women in STEM.


  • List and save relevant scholarships: Once you’ve scanned these databases, you should maintain an excel or spreadsheet to list all the possible scholarships you are eligible for. Ensure you note scholarship name, link, deadline, and award amount. Take note of any contacts to clarify doubts. A simple web search can help you access downloadable templates to list and track your scholarships.


  • Prioritize from the list: Once you list all the scholarships, we suggest limit your first batch of selection to five scholarships that you are most confident about securing. Then keep a backup of the same number. You must also always prioritize according to deadlines given to ensure none of the important scholarships are missed. Being smart with color coding and filtering features on excel can greatly help here.


  • Gather application materials: When scanning databases, you may find that many scholarship applications ask for similar documentation. Keep your originals scanned and saved in your computer. The most essential of these are High school transcripts, any previous college work, academic references, letters of recommendation and scholarship application essays.


  • Apply! With most of the groundwork now complete, you simply need to apply! While some scholarships may be form-based, others may require you to simply email. For emails, you can keep a standard mail template.  Always check your contact information is correct and updated. Last, but not the least, we wish you all the best in your search for STEM scholarships!

Find more career resources on our Career Guidance page for students.

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