Great end of the year STEM project, no prep required!


Looking for a fun and engaging project to finish the school year off strong? Try a STEM Career Virtual Tour!

Here’s how to set the stage for your students:

You just graduated college and have just landed your dream job! Your former high school teacher has invited you to give a presentation to her class about what you do in your career, and how managed to achieve your dreams.

What students will do:

Begin by starting a discussion with students about their career dreams with questions to engage and explore. Or try a fun STEM career exploration game! From there, students use websites such as O*NET and CareerInSTEM to explore STEM careers and gather information. Students then select a STEM career that they have researched and prepare a virtual tour, using digital media like Piktochart or Canva to depict a ‘day in the life’ of their dream job, and the steps they took to get there.

The next level of career exploration:

Many career exploration projects focus on simple research – finding STEM careers and their salary, education requirements, etc. Oftentimes students are simply going through the motions in projects like this, reading through to find the answers, then moving on. In the Virtual Tour project, not only do students need to know basic information about a STEM career of interest, they must go a step further to understand what that professional actually DOES in real life. In doing so, students are exposed to real life, concrete aspects of STEM careers rather than topical and superficial information. They learn about life as a STEM professional, and can then evaluate if the core actions of a chosen STEM profession are compatible with their interests, passions, and dreams. Whether this Virtual Tour project, or any other STEM career exploration project, it is important to help students see what STEM professionals actually do, rather than just reading facts.

A great end of the year activity to help students explore STEM careers and prepare for their future! See a preview and download the no-prep lesson plan here.

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