phenomenon based learning

Simulations for STEM Education: Top 3 Free Web Resources

Top Three FREE Web Resources For Simulations in STEM Simulations are digital tools that actively engage students in their learning through concept application and testing of ideas. Through the use of simulations, students explore phenomena in an inquiry-based way; asking their own questions and experimenting to find their own answers. The educational power of simulationsContinue reading

Post 2: The Purpose of Science Education by Gracelyn Swahn

By Gracelyn Swahn, December 2016 Humans are born programmed for inquiry. Let’s think about the “why?!” stage that highlights every three-year-old’s expression. “Why did my crayon break? (Well…maybe you were pushing too hard, maybe you were using too much force!) “But why was I using too much force? What is force?” (You explain force, youContinue reading