Back to School Sale With Teachers Pay Teachers – 25% off sitewide! (plus bonus freebies)

Attention teachers! Back to School is coming - are you ready? Prep less and play more in these remaining days of summer by stocking up on back to school resources from Teachers Pay Teachers! Go back to school armed with awesome resources ready to download and go. Today through Wednesday, August 2nd at 11:59pm ET, useContinue reading

NGSS friendly tech tools for communicating information

Recommendations for NGSS –friendly technology tools that enable students to communicate information in innovative, creative, and visually appealing ways. Written by CareerInSTEM Founder & CEO Ashley Pereira, posted as a Featured Article for eSchool News! Read the full article here: Do you have a favorite technology tool? Tell us in a comment!

Simulations for STEM Education: Top 3 Free Web Resources

Top Three FREE Web Resources For Simulations in STEM Simulations are digital tools that actively engage students in their learning through concept application and testing of ideas. Through the use of simulations, students explore phenomena in an inquiry-based way; asking their own questions and experimenting to find their own answers. The educational power of simulationsContinue reading

Surrounded By Science: Exploring your world through citizen science projects

What is Citizen Science? Citizen science is a key component in working towards the new approach to K-12 Science Education called for by the NRC (2013). Citizen science invites regular people of any age - children, teens, and adults - to contribute to real scientific research projects, promoting scientific awareness and engagement. Typically, citizen scientists submit their observationsContinue reading