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Video Game Design STEM Challenge

Like video games? Keep Reading!

Our video game challenge launched earlier this week!

This STEM Challenge is great for anyone with an interest in video game design. Video games are a big business, and will only grow in the future as more small developers pop up and more platforms for gamers to use are created. Before, we only had a handful of gaming systems and personal computers to play pricey games, now we have dozens of methods for people to play games – and they come in a variety of price points!

Of course, such a promising industry is always going to have room for more developers. Whether you’re a small studio using Unity or applying to a job at Bethesda, it’s important to know what it means to be a video game designer.

What’s the STEM Challenge?

The STEM Challenge is an interactive series designed to give an inside perspective of cool STEM careers, help you take the first steps, and practice your skills in a fun learning environment.

The Video Game Design Challenge includes watching short virtual job shadow videos, a Ted Talk given by a game designer, and hands-on activities you can do as a teen to start working your way toward a job in this industry. There are a total of six sections to the challenge, complete them 100% online, at your own pace over the month of September.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Just go to the Video Game Design Challenge page, and click the ‘take this course’ button!

Not sure if you’re best suited for interactive fiction games, VR games, or one of the many genres of games that are out there? Then be sure to take the entire course! We have infographics describing the many different kinds of games that exist, as well as a rubric to help you submit a perfect Challenge entry.

I’m No Good at Art and/or Programming – Why Bother with This Challenge?

You should still give it a try! You may surprise yourself and have an easier time designing on a computer program than you did with a pen and paper.

Even if you know that you aren’t terribly talented in one aspect of gaming, you can always improve. No one is a master at anything on the first try, so a lot of effort and trial and error is what everyone needs to get better. Plus you have almost a whole month left, so lots of time to practice!

Keep in mind that we know you only have a month, and we know you aren’t secretly a professional designer from Activision. We’re just expecting a strong effort and a well-designed product. Don’t be too hard on yourself! No coding or programming needed – just give it a try!

How do I Keep Up With My Game Design After the Challenge Ends?

Game design is a fun hobby that you should continue to foster long after this STEM Challenge is over.

The Video Game Design Challenge provides lots of helpful resources to continue in your journey, and you can stay in touch with the latest in the industry in the Computer Science Group.

Good luck, and happy game designing!

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