Career In STEM’s new partner – Geeky Girl Reality!!


Geeky Girl Reality began as a annual survey to explore young women’s experiences in relation to STEM and their experiences preparing for STEM careers.

Findings from our research help us to understand how we can kick-start careers for young women in STEM.  Our website focuses on helping young women to find short-term gigs and opportunities in STEM.

Geeky Girl Reality lists early career opportunities for young women in STEM.  Our mission is to help young women get on and stay on the STEM career ladder.

A few notes about Geeky Girl Reality – kickstarting STEM careers below:

  • Our project began as an annual survey of university women to learn about their experiences and needs
  • Our audience is young women ages 15 to 25
  • All our services for students and job seekers are free
  • We are a benefit corp – our goal is to raise funds to manage our own micro scholarships and book awards fund in the future

You can read our most recent research report

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