5 STEM Careers You Didn’t Know Were STEM Careers

When you hear ‘STEM’, you probably think of jobs like scientist, machinery operators, engineers, and mathematicians. And that’s fair, those are very STEM-y jobs.

However, there are lots more STEM jobs out there that people don’t think of when they hear ‘STEM’. Lots of innovative and cool careers actually include elements of STEM fields! From writers to jewelers, here are five careers that you didn’t even know were STEM careers

1.Fashion Designer

Do you dream of going on Project Runway and showing off your best creations? Then you, my friend, dream of a career in STEM! Fashion designers make use of technology every day in the form of complex sewing machines and blogging or social media to promote their brand. Math is also a huge part of fashion design, with algebra and the ability to measure being absolutely crucial to creating a piece.

Some designers take it a step further and inject science into their creations! Fiber optics, LEDs and recyclables are just a few of the unusual, scientific materials designers might incorporate into their clothes.

2. Illustrator

Another career people don’t link to STEM is Illustrator. Modern illustrators rely heavily on technology to create their art. Programs like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and SketchUp are all used by illustrators to design. Computer skills are definitely needed for this job!

In addition, many illustrators are freelancers or self-employed. As such, the subject of their art is always changing. Illustrators may sometimes draw up STEM-related images for businesses, companies and schools. The Career In STEM team has introduced a few illustrators to the world of STEM

3. Writer

As a writer myself, I can without a doubt tell you that this is a STEM job! Writers, especially writers in specialized fields, can write about STEM fields ranging from engineering to physics to nursing. Depending on where the writer works, there’s really no limit to what a writer can write about!

What’s more, writers use technology to write up their pieces. Programs like Microsoft Word, Google Docs and WordPress are all used by writers. We writers know our way around a computer

4. Bioacoustic Researcher

This one doesn’t even sound like a real job, but I promise you it is! Bioacoustic Researchers record the sounds of wildlife to analyze and research. They play a role in wildlife research and make use of technology such as recording programs, microphones and headsets.

The sounds that bioacoustic researchers recorded are then studied to observe how animals communicate, interact with the sounds around them, as well as how human sounds affect wildlife and the animal kingdom.

5. Jeweler

Similar to fashion designers, jewelers work with precious metals and gems. Their job usually consists of designing, fabricating, repairing and evaluating pieces of jewelry. They’re basically the fashion designers of the jewelry world!

Jewelers use math to design and work with pieces of jewelry. They must know how to cut gemstones to certain measurements and sizes, and how to recognize measurements and cuts in jewels that they didn’t handle themselves. Jewelers must also be knowledgeable in chemistry and geology to fully understand the stones that they are working with. You have to pretty smart to work with such pretty stuff!

So there you have it! Lots of STEM jobs that you didn’t even know belonged to a STEM field. We have loads more careers listed on our site; careers that range from creative to the absolutely scientific. Do you know someone who works in a STEM field? Let us know in the comments!

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