4 Ways Yoga Instruction is a STEM Job

Thought yoga was a fun career that just anyone could do? Think again! Yoga instructors are a brainy bunch who need to learn about many different kinds of sciences to do their job well. Besides that, technology and math are also used by yogis each and every day to maintain their brand and keep track of earnings. Here are four ways yoga teachers use STEM on a regular basis

1.They need to study biology and anatomy…

The human body is one of the many tools yoga instructors use every single day. They need to keep their body healthy and prevent injury while attempting complex poses. They also need to make sure you’re safe and not hurting yourself when doing poses, either! To do this, they need to have a strong understanding of the human body and how it works.

2.…and other life sciences

Yoga instruction isn’t just physical exercise; it’s mental and spiritual exercise as well. To make sure their customers have a healing, enjoyable experiences, instructors need to understand all the effects of yoga on the body and mind. Other life sciences in addition to biology and anatomy are often essential for a teacher to make sure that their students are having the best possible experience during a yoga session

3.They also need to know how to do math

According to The Yoga Nomads, yoga instructors often teach workshops or private training sessions in addition to their regular classes at a studio. This means that they need to crunch some numbers and figure out what they’re going to charge for these bonus courses. They also need to keep track of the money they’re making. When you’re your own boss, there’s no accounting department to handle the figures

Another instance when math comes into play? When it comes to calculating salary! It’s important for any aspiring instructor to crunch the numbers and see how realistic a career field that yoga instruction is in their area. It’s also an absolute must that instructors figure out an hourly rate that lets them keep up with the cost of living.

The average yoga instructor in the United States makes a little over $19 a dollar and $40,000 annually. They also make the most money at recreational/sports centers and education houses. This awesome article by Retreat Kula goes into more detail on calculating salary and the wages of a yoga instructor!

4.They also need to know how have an online presence

Going back to The Yoga Nomads, yogis can make extra money by getting sponsorships from brands. To make themselves attractive to brands, they need to gain a huge social media following. That means being familiar with social media apps such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Boomerang, YouTube and SnapChat as well as the technology that runs these apps. Yoga instructors need to be able to build a brand to foster partnerships. Some good examples of popular yoga channels are Brett Larkin Yoga and Tone It Up.

Yoga can be a very high-income career and is only getting more popular. Studio chains like CorePower show how in-demand yoga classes and studios are. And with different systems of yoga like bikram and iyengar, there’s something out there for everyone!

Not what you were expecting, right? Turns out you need to know quite a few STEM subjects to have a good career as a yoga instructor! Want to learn more about these teachers and what they do? Check out Career In STEM’s career page on yoga instructors here!

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