4 Types of Engineers You Have Never Heard Of


The world of engineering is wonderfully broad, diverse, and exciting.

Do you know what a geomatics engineer does? How about a nanotechnology engineer? While there are traditional fields of engineering (like civil and mechanical engineering), there are many lesser known types of engineers. Here are four types of engineering careers that you may not have ever heard of:

Cyber Engineer: Cyber engineers design and monitor computer cybersecurity systems and software to keep people safe online and prevent hackers.

Geomatics Engineer: Geomatics engineers use advanced equipment and techniques to make precise measurements used to map earth and monitor its changes and the environment.

Nanotechnology Engineer: Nanotechnology Engineers design new technologies and devices using nanoparticles – extremely small elements such as molecules and single atoms.

Photonics Engineer: Photonics engineers study and explore the many applications of light, such as generation of light, processing of light signals, amplification of light, and modulation.


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