10 Epic STEM-themed Halloween Games!


Halloween is almost upon us! As the day draws nearer, the kiddos get more and more excited, looking forward to dressing up and getting lots of free candy!

But what to do when in that time before and after trick-or-treating? What to do while your kids are coming down from that sugar high? We at Career In STEM have quite a few activities that you can use to entertain the little ones with!


  1. Build a Skeleton

Our first Halloween-themed activity is a fun game for kids of all ages! Teach your kids all about how X-rays and then help them create their own skeletons. It’s a spooky family friendly game that will help kids better understand the human skeleton!

  1. Crime Scene Investigation Activity

Another game excellent for Halloween, our CSI activity helps kids learn about forensic science and crime scene investigation. Kids will investigate a blunt force crime scene and attempt to figure out whodunnit. It’s a perfectly creepy game that will instantly get everyone in the Halloween spirit!

  1. Can You Touch with no Hands? Activity

In our Biomedical Engineer lesson plan, your kids can learn about robotics and in this fun activity for the whole family! Kids will examine the sense of touch and learn about how engineers help those with bionic limbs. Fun and educational!

  1. How Could Water Kill You? Activity

By acting as forensic biochemists, you can use this game to help your kids learn about water and how it can cause damage to the human body. Examine an eerie disease, how it’s related to water, and how biochemists help out when water is used in a crime. It’s both informational and enjoyable!

  1. Grow Your Own Crystals Activity

A fun game for the little mad scientists in your family! Use this activity to see what it’s like to be a crystallographer by growing your own crystals for examination. Your kids will feel super smart, and will have a chance to keep these crystals to show off to friends!

  1. The Mystery of the Supercow Activity

This strange activity will teach your kids all about animal science and genetics! Examine the odd story of the Belgian Blue Cattle and learn how animal scientists have learned to genetically engineer animals. A fun, weird lesson ideal for Halloween!

  1. Looking for Bugs Activity

Have any aspiring entomologists in the family? Then this buggy activity is great for them! Kids will find bugs right in their own backyard and try to identify the different parts. A wonderful activity that will allow you enjoy the fall weather one last time before snow sets in!

  1. Punkin Chunkin Challenge

This wacky game will teach your family how to make a pumpkin catapult! Design, create and test your own pumpkin launcher while learning about the engineering process. It’s the proper way to dispose of your jack-o-lanterns!

  1. Can You Spot the Lizard? Activity

Kids will learn about lizards in this activity! Teach them about herpetology, then take part in a fun camouflage game so your kids can see what it’s really like to be a crawly reptile! With all the leaves still on the ground, this is a fun outdoor game!

  1. Kids Astronomy Activity

What better way to end the evening than by stargazing?                Using the SkyView app, you and your kids can find constellations and learn all about astronomy in this fun game. A calm, peaceful way to end the Halloween season!


All of these games are a fun way to begin or end an exciting evening of trick-or-treating! Head on over to our Teachers Pay Teachers store and see which ones will be best for your family. Happy Halloween!

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